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Each DB Instance is supported by a single transactional Read/Write DB database that contains all Shipments even if only a subset of them can be edited (the others must be edited on the owning DB Instance). In this scenario we have to face a Multi Master replication even if, from a logical point of view, the replication remains Master-Slave (each record can be edited only in his own DB Instance) thus minimizing conflict issues.

-Migrating Document Storage Database with TCapture RepSrv

  • ~10 TB size of production database
  • Postgresql v9.5
  • Need to migrato to v10
  • A limited set of tables with binary data
  • A very big one with binary data

document_data (doc_id integer,doc_data bytea ) Migration difficulties • Time obstacle dump/restore • Pg_basebackup not possible between main versions • ?? • Replication server between versions

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