TCapture Naming ConventionΒΆ

  • CDC Change Data Capture

  • Source Node called also primary/master/producer

  • Target Node called also slave/secondary/consumer

  • Replication Slots types: rdb_<node>_bdr <master>_publ_<slave>

    • name rdb_<node>_bdr logical slot with plugin rdblogdec on master db
    • name <master>_publ_<slave> logical slot with plugin pgoutput on rdb_db__<master> db is the master node publication <master>_publ having a slave subscription <slave>_subs_<master>
  • Publication * pubname: <master>_publ on rdb_db_<master>`

  • Subscription
    • subname: <slave>_subs_<master>
    • subconninfo: primary node connection informations
    • subpublications: <node master>_publ
    • subdb: rdb_db__<node slave>
  • MultiMaster MultiMaster 2 nodes MultiMaster 3 nodes MultiMaster 4 nodes

  • Queue table walq_<node> structure

    • wid incremental sequence
    • lsn Logical Sequence Numner
    • xid transaction as is read from replication slot
    • data text column containing DML
    • dateop timestamp
    • current_xid transaction xid of insert into queue of dml
  • Incoming/Replicated queues

  • Outcoming/Replication queues

  • TCapt Module to capture change on master database

  • TAppl Module to apply change on slave database

  • TMoni Module to monitor replication flow

  • TCRepSrv TCapture Main Replication Server Program

  • TCapture CLI

  • TWrapperSQL Wrapper program to execute SQL/DML locally not replicated

  • TSkipXid Skip transactions program to increase/advance replication marker on Slave

  • H/M/S rispectively Monitor/Master/Slave, type of nodes

  • RDB db rdb_db__<node> Replication Distribution Database

  • schema: _rdb_bdr

  • conf files: <node>_rdb_bdr.conf node master conf

    <node>_bdr_rdb.conf node slave conf

  • tables: _rdb_bdr.

    walq_<node> queue storing replicate transactions walq_<node>_offset marker of last transaction consumed by slave walq_<node>_xid list of transactions ids incoming from replicate queues * to avoid recursive transactions (avoid cross CDC between 2 nodes with infinitive loop problem)

    xid coming from replicated queues must not be trace and insert in replication queues

  • software folder structure: * path $RDBBDR * conf * sql * src * bin * run * tmp * ecc..

  • features:

    • CDC stored in queues
    • transaction level granularity and commit order
    • multimaster replication in architecture of type mesh
    • automatic truncation of queues
    • table replication filtering
    • multimaster 2/3/4 nodes
    • conflict detection (not prevention)
    • history of replicated transaction stored in log tables
    • java configuration script
    • monitoring : status of master/slaves/monitor threads
    • monitoring : status of replications,positions last updated queues
    • Wrapper program to execute sql locally * not captured transaction/not in replication flow
    • multithread TCapture Replication Server
    • thread TCapt TAppl TMoni able to be started/stopped/disabled/enabled with Repl Serv in execution
    • tracing of DDL execution _rdb_bdr.walq__<node>_ddl using event trigger
    • helatcheck with upserts to move database/healthcheck
    • loglevel granularity

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